The peaceful Tainos, a gentle American Indian people and Jamaica’s early inhabitants, named the island Xaymaca, the land of “wood and water”. Many of Mobay’s things to see and do are designed for exactly the kind of playground that the Tainos had in mind.

Ride horseback in the mountains of bare-back into the sea – do one or do both. Swim in medicinal waters at a pristine beach or cruise the coast on a pirate ship or sleek catamaran. Raft serenely down a river. Jump in an inner tube and float down a refreshing stream. Take a safari. Trek through the thicket on a natural trail. Sample a slice of rural life in the mountains or enjoy touring a private estate. Explore the underwater world of a marine sanctuary. Catch a blue marlin fishing only a few miles from shore. Swing away on a champion golf course.

History and legend play a major role in area attractions. Visit classic Great Houses and see valuable antiques. Historical city tours bring Montego Bay’s tumultuous past to life.

The water at Doctor’s Cave Beach, just steps from the “Hip Strip”, is claimed to have curative powers from mineral springs. Snorkeling is great here. Montego Bay Marine Park is Jamaica’s first national park, declared in 1991 to conserve marine coastal resources. Park includes coral reefs, and other native animal and plant life. Diving, fishing and snorkeling opportunities abound. Have a blast on a river rafting excursion, available at Lethe, south of Montego Bay and Martha Brae, south of Falmouth.

Horseback riding into the sea and mountains are offered by Chukka Caribbean Adventures, also giving you other rough and ready treats like ATV and jeep safaris, mountain biking, river tubing and adventure hiking.

Historic Great Houses dot the landscape. The Kerr-Jarrett family has owned Barnett Estate since 1775. Tour the restored Bellfield Great House on property and get a glimpse of 18th century colonial living.

Take a hike or tour: The Accompong Maroon tour is southeast of Montego Bay at the base of Cockpit Country. Say hello to the villagers and see historic sites in the home of the Maroons (descendants of runaway slaves).

Get around easily by helicopter, car rental and taxi services available from a host of providers.