Meet the President

Davon Crump is President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, having been elected to this vaunted post on April 21, 2011 and charged with the responsibility of leading a team of Directors in representing the commercial interests of the St. James business community.

Crump’s elevation to the presidency of the Chamber, came after intense training in various spheres of business, but primarily as Western Regional Manager for Chas E. Ramson Limited; one of Jamaica’s longest-standing distribution companies. At Chas E. Ramson Limited, where Crump has been working since 2006, he supervises 49 employees and manages the operations of the company’s Western Distribution Centre.

A proud product of Jamaica, Crump pursued tertiary education at Howard Business College and Florida International University in the United States of America, which prepared him for his entry into corporate management, starting at the American Telephone and Telegraphic Company; AT&T, where he was Human Resource Manager.

Crump also had a most successful foray into the U.S. real estate market, where for 6 years he worked as a real estate agent and mortgage broker.

After pursuing advanced studies, Crump felt Jamaica was where he was needed, and what he needed; hence his return to further contribute to the country’s development. Prior to his pursuit of advanced studies in the U.S., Crump entered the world of work at National Commercial Bank; fresh out of Jamaica College.

He is truly one who is committed to service, as even while being an active Director of the Chamber since 2007, he is also an involved member of the Rotary Club of Montego Bay East.