Chamber of Commerce

After some seven decades of an illustrious existence, the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry is now poised for an even more productive and exciting future.

In keeping with our motto: Together We Build, the Chamber provides leadership by bringing together over two hundred businesses and individuals to create a positive business environment that will shape the economic future and well-being of Montego Bay and its environs.

With an ever evolving socio-economic environment, the Chamber faces may challenges which from time to time have caused it to not just be a body that seemingly represents “big business interests”, but one that seeks to represent the interests and concerns of the wider society, including the small business sector.

In this vein, in recent times the Chamber has had to be in the forefront of lobbying for a wide variety of issues to be addressed, including improving infrastructure, more efficient crime fighting strategies and programmes, social intervention projects, job creation initiatives, tourism enhancement and development, as well as “nitty gritty” matters such as traffic management, garbage collection and beautification. Not to mention the need for a Development Plan for this burgeoning metropolis.

Over the years, the Chamber’s leadership has had to take on an aggressive stance as it seeks to provide the western city with meaning and results-oriented representation.

Montego Bay is a complex city. It is a commercial centre, the tourism capital of Jamaica, Western Jamaica’s regional nexus and the most fast growing area economically in the country outside of Kingston and the corporate area.

Against this background, the Chamber has to remain not just an agent of change and development but must be in the forefront of ensuring that there is equal opportunity for the business community of St, James.

The Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry proudly exemplifies visionary, pragmatic and conscientious leadership.